Sia Coin – Who is behind the crypto currency?

The blockchain technology is mainly developed by David Vorick, Luke Champine and the start-up company Nebulous Inc. The idea for the development originated at HackMIT 2013, an annual “hackathon” in which collaborative software and hardware development is used to jointly produce new projects within a short period of time. The aim of the developers was to convert free storage space into a market for storage space. In the long run, Sia is to become the backbone storage layer on the Internet. And David Vorick and Luke Champine want to design a cloud that is decentralized, fast and inexpensive.

At the same time, the storage of data on their cloud should also be secure and, in the sense of crypto currencies, anonymous. In addition, users should be able to earn money by using the platform. By giving users something to jump off when providing storage space, similar to what happens when mining Bitcoin. For the two programmers, data should be freely accessible to everyone.

Sia Coin – advantages and disadvantages according to onlinebetrug

One of the advantages of the decentralized, redundant network is that it is very difficult to hack, says onlinebetrug. A hacker who gains access to one of the servers will not find any usable data there, but only many small parts. He can’t do anything with these pieces. Read more on onlinebetrug. Instead, he would have to attack every server in the network to get his hands on anything usable. Which is virtually impossible. The use of Smart Contracts seems to be a clever idea. Thanks to them, the user is guaranteed storage space as soon as he has paid. The fact that the hosters only receive the crypto currency if they can provide storage space for a while is a good incentive for the network to fulfil its function as cloud storage.

What is striking about all of this is that cloud technology is clearly in the foreground at Sia. The Sia Coin is one of these crypto currencies that has a specific function for the developers. However, it is not regarded as a digital means of payment that could develop into an alternative to fiat money. So the Sia Coin price depends on how well the underlying concept works. It will be difficult to establish itself as a purely speculative object, but it is not suitable for this purpose. Also because not much is lost through prospecting, it is unlikely that one can get rich with the Sia Coin crypto currency. Nevertheless, the digital currency has developed extremely positively in recent months.

Bitcoin code – Development – Forecast

Bitcoin code is one of the TOP 50 crypto currencies, but is still far from being in the front row. Nevertheless, the Bitcoin code development on the stock market looks promising. In the years before 2017, the price was consistently quoted at only a few cents, in some cases well below 1 cent per coin. In April 2017, the crypto currency reached a value of 1 cent per coin for the first time and has since risen to up to 2 cents. After a short slide in the exchange rate, a positive forecast was again made when the coin rose to 0.7 cents in the summer. But the right course for success did not come until the beginning of 2018. After the crypto currency had reached another 1.5 cents in December, it experienced an upsurge to up to 7 cents per coin at the beginning of the year. Thus the Coin brought in its so far best result. The price will probably fall again, but the forecast for 2018 looks good nevertheless. Looking at last year’s performance, there is a clear upward trend.

Create Sia Coin Wallet
If you decide to buy Sia Coin, you need a wallet for the first time. The easiest way is to download the Sia UI from the company’s official website. These are available for a wide variety of operating systems. After installing the Sia-UI, remember the password and unlock the wallet. After a while, the wallet is synchronized with the servers, which can take up to 24 hours. After this is finished, you get an address via “Receive Sia Coin”. You need this address if you buy Sia Coins or if you want someone to send you the Coins on the Sia Wallet.

Where can I buy Sia Coins?
You can buy Sia Coin on not many stock exchanges so far. A large part of the volume is on Bittrex, a well-known crypto exchange. Here the coins have to be exchanged for Bitcoins. For this you need an account on Bittrex. Poloniex and HitBTC offer alternatives to Bittrex. Also here you can only exchange Sia Coins for other crypto currencies.

Sia Coin could reach the value of one $1 in 2018. Opinion of a Crypto Enthusiast

TrumpCoin – Crypto currency with a political aftertaste

The TrumpCoin was originally created to support the presidential campaign Donald Trumps. According to his motto “Make America Great Again”, the TrumpCoin crypto currency is to be used to support projects and companies. But now that he has been president for some time, is it worth buying this coin? And does the forecast depend on the president’s success?

TrumpCoin – What is this Bitcoin revolution doing?

The crypto currency is based on the Bitcoin revolution and performs a similar function. It is to be used as a digital means of payment for transactions. However, the Trump/Coin is not technically identical to the Bitcoin. Unlike Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work, the Trump Coin uses the Bitcoin revolution Proof-of-Stake algorithm. Proof-of-work consumes a great deal of computing power and power in order to be able to carry out any transactions at all. The Proof-of-Stake algorithm reduces power consumption, this method also makes it possible for the TrumpCoin to buy and earn its own: With the Proof-of-Stake you freeze some coins on your own TrumpCoin Wallet and help to verify transactions. As a reward you have the chance to earn some coins yourself. This is 2% of the frozen amount per year. During the development, value is placed on a stable crypto currency, the inflation is only 2% per year. Maximum there should be only 12 million Trump / Coins.

The generation of new blocks should take place with the Trump/Coin every 30 seconds. Thus the crypto currency is faster than Bitcoin, transactions should be able to be carried out within a few minutes. Furthermore, the fees for a transaction should be converted into a few cents. At the beginning of the development 6 million Trump/Coins were generated by the team, whereby 2 million of it were used for the financing of the presidency campaign of Donald Trump. Since then, fans of the crypto currency have been encouraged to use the coin to finance new projects, in keeping with the president’s campaign slogan. This involves, for example, rebuilding the American infrastructure, supporting the homeless and the poor or securing America’s external borders.

TrumpCoin – Who is behind the Bitcoin profit?

The initiator of the TrumpCoin development and the Bitcoin profit would rather remain anonymous. He has the user name “Chicken65”, according to his own statement a Scottish music producer from around 40 years. He’s not just a fan of Donald Trump, he says that he doesn’t agree with everyone what the president says about himself. Like many others in the world of Bitcoin profit crypto currencies, however, he is a friend of free markets and against state regulations. He is most likely to belong to the libertarian spectrum. The decentralized blockchains correspond to his ideals. This is also the case with Trump, who for him is currently the best representative of these liberal values. That’s why he chose the president to decorate the crypto currencies. Meanwhile, a small team has come together to work on the development. It should be noted that neither Trump himself nor anyone in the government has recognized Trump/Coin as some kind of official crypto currency. That was also never the goal of Chicken65.

Software & Verge Mining Guide

Before you can start Verge Mining, you need to take a few steps. First you should download a Verge Wallet from the website of the crypto currency. After this has been done, you should write down the address of the wallet. Somewhere the dug Coins must finally go. Next you download the blockchain from Verge. The download is also on the website and can take some time.

What are the differences between Verge Mining and Ethereum code?

Which Verge Mining software is used depends on the algorithm to which it is mined. Depending on the graphics card or ASIC processor, other software is available for the Ethereum code. For example the CCminer, which supports the Blake2s algorithm on Windows, but the source code on Linux. However, if you dig for the source code algorithm on Windows, the SGMiner program is used.

On the Verge website you will find the right software for the hardware. The zip file is best unpacked in the folder “temp” on the hard disk C:. Don’t worry if the antivirus program sounds an alarm when downloading the software. This file is not harmful, but sometimes it is installed on computers without permission to secretly mine. In this case, however, everything goes well.

Bitcoin trader – Solo Mining, Pool Mining or Cloud Mining?

When the download of the blockchain is finished, the cmd.exe executes the exe file of the software. Simply enter the address of the file in the Explorer into the command line. The address of your own wallet of the Bitcoin trader also belongs there. The exact input depends on the software, the config-file within the zip-archive gives information about an exact input.

Verge Mining differs from Bitcoin Mining in that Bitcoin only prospects using ASIC processors. The Verge hardware, on the other hand, is much more versatile and allows a larger number of graphics cards and processors to participate in the mining process.

With solo mining, the purchase only pays for itself when you have put together a powerful rig. The difficulty of Verge Mining is very high, as are the electricity costs. A Verge Mining Calculator can tell you whether you will really earn something with solo mining. Therefore the Verge Mining Pool is much more profitable for most people. Several miners join together and collect their hash rate. It increases the chance that a new block will be successfully mined. The Verge Coins will then be distributed among all participants of the mining pool. For many private miners this is the most common method to mine verges.

Cloud mining is a different method. This is a method of mining where you don’t have to buy any hardware. Instead, you pay a fee to a miner who provides the hardware. In return, the miner pays out Verge Coins.

Software & Litecoin Mining Guide

Before you start with Litecoin Mining, you should download a Litecoin Wallet from the website. You need the address of the wallet to get some coins as well. If you have them, you have to download the mining software. For Litecoin there are several programs available, depending on how the crypto currency is minted. For ASIC mining the best program is Scrypt. For graphics cards, especially Nvidia, the cudaMiner.

In this Litecoin Mining manual we run the mining software using a bat file. This means that a script is written. First a text file is opened. This file contains the complete address of the program, including the program itself (e.g. “c:cudaMinercudaMiner.exe). Then follows the address of the Litecoin Mining Pool, should such an one be used. The next element is the port number of the mining server, then the user name on this server, the number of workers and the own password. This text file is stored in the software folder as a bat file. The whole script can look like this: “c:cudaMinercudaMiner.exe – -scrypt -o “stratum: port” -u “worker” -p “password”. If everything worked fine, a double click on the bat file executes the mining.

What are the differences between Litecoin Mining and Bitcoin Mining?

The differences in mining lie among other things in the algorithm used. Both are mined using Proof-of-Work, but Bitcoin uses the SHA256 algorithm, while Litecoin uses Scrypt. SHA256 can only be mined with the special ASIC processors. With Scrypt you also have the possibility to use simple CPUs and GPUs. Another difference is the difficulty of mining. For security reasons, the difficulty of generating a new block is regularly adjusted for both crypto currencies.

The difficulty not only protects the blockchain from harmful attacks, it also places higher demands on the computers during mining. At Bitcoin, the difficulty is now so high that private mining is hardly possible. And the more the crypto currency is used, the more the difficulty will increase. This is no different with Litecoin, but the degree of difficulty is not so advanced yet.

Litecoin Mining – Solo Mining, Pool Mining or Cloud Mining?

With Litecoin Mining it is very difficult to generate so much hash power alone that the mining is also profitable. Although all coins are kept for yourself in the case of a successfully excavated block, it is questionable whether the sometimes immense electricity costs will be paid again. This can be checked beforehand with a Litecoin Mining Calculator. Most people will find that participating in a mining pool is more profitable. The hash power of all participants is bundled here. This increases the chance that a block will be mined. Then the yield is evenly distributed among all participants.

Such a Litecoin Mining Pool is the common method to mine Litecoin. With the Mining Pool you should pay attention to its reputation. Is it considered safe and reliable? Some might turn out to be dizziness. If you don’t want to buy your own rig, there is also the possibility to use a cloud. Here you pay a fee for someone else doing the mining for you. In return you get the dug LTC coins.